Sabtu, 17 September 2016

Once Upon A Time....

Once upon a time, there was an untold story of a Queen from the East who got lured and trapped by a General from the North in a continent of the cold mountains. This young, brilliant warrior, like any other men in his land, had an insatiable desire, a voracious thirst for women and girls. He treated them like a box of chocolate,  enjoying different kinds one after another. Until the next box of chocolate comes around he didn't know what to choose from because he thought they were all the same.  Until one day, the General came across a female who for no real reason appeared in his list  and they became friends in a flash of lightning,  quick and easy.
The General started his first cunning attacks by manipulating his victim with his good choices of pretty words, or praises and admiration which in no time melted the Queen's vulnerable innocent heart. Being all alone in her solitude and silence world in her cocoon for too long, the abusive warrior gained the trust of his prey as easy as falling off the log. The sweet thawed whispers and the soft romantic persuasive pleads have awaken the Queen from her years of hibernation, her slumber. She was carried away and blinded by the kinds of feelings people write novels about. She surrended and sold her whole self, body and soul to the devil. The General, was a male gladiator with unquenchable feelings of lust, true to his blood race, savored and ravished every inch of her sweetness, trespassing and ogling her secret treasures until he got sick of her.
Not knowing that she would be abandoned so soon, thrown to rot in debris of unspeakable pain of heartache, the Queen clandestinely fell in deep devotion of love n affection for the General. The wall of defence to her untouched kingdom collapsed into pieces. The General had again won the battle without much effort of struggle, negotiation or signing treaties. Having shamely defeated the Queen, he began his next typical stir as men of his kind did - slowly making himself unavailable, distancing gradually, leaving the Queen waiting,hoping and expecting with anxiety and desperation - yearning for his cruel, sadistic embrace every minute of the hours and days.
Wordlessly like a ghost, he galloped off and vanished into the valleys, back into his homeland without saying goodbye or a mere explaination, dumping the helpless Queen on the crossroads of forlorn and dejection, torn and shredded into pieces, in disappointment and shame.
Swallowing all the sobs and tears, that breathlessly suffocating her, and after months of heart wrenching agonies, she finally came into every waking senses that the General was not a Prince Charming after all, far from being a Knight with shunning armour. He was indeed a cruel living thing with a rotten senseless heart,  a werewolf in a sheep's clothing and he was a beast at what he did. The Queen was injured and in great devastation,  licking her deep cut wounds and mistakes, in the deep silent nights of sorrow all alone. She cried so hard that she thought she could fill the Indian Ocean all the water her body was losing. She should not have likened her love to a stranger. The grotesque gladiator was no match for someone as sweet natured as her. Being kindness herself and true to her love,  she held no revenge or anger to the young man. She had survived from what she thought would kill her which made her more grateful and that everything happens for a reason. Seasons change, so do people.
Despite everything, she couldn't stop herself from loving the General. Even at a distance, a simple glance was just enough to quake her heart and awaken her more love. She loved him from that distance, softly and slowly. Day by day she had learned to strengthen her crown and moved forward like a real Queen.  She's all alone again naturally and she would live happily ever after. ❤

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