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Journey To The Land of The Mughuls ( Part 3)

It was a total happiness when I found myself waking up next to him every morning. I was a beauty to have him sleeping next to me, to feel his warmth came into contact with my bare skin. Each morning every time I opened my eyes, it took me a second to accept the fact that this was not a fantasy. I was really not in my daydreams. I was in the same bed with the person who had been haunting my life this whole time. I couldn't believe I had really flown to him and now he was so alive and real, breathing and lying close to me, beside me, wrapped up in the same blanket on the same bed in the same room. It was long since I had yearned for anything like this and the effect on me was indescribable.

Being fully aware of the fact that the one who had caused me towards mania and insanity, was actually here with me in real life. This was indeed an incredibly unbelievable truth.  I stirred my body closer to him soundlessly, as I didn't want to wake him up. I loved his manly scent and warm skin that I kissed him on his cheeks while he was still fast asleep. I doubted if he was responsive to what I was doing to him but he frequently moved and breathed heavily everytime I brushed my lips against his cheeks.  I could not guess if his response were signs of comfort or displeasure. I dared not ask him as I did not want to hurt the mood. I rubbed his face adoringly as he looked so appealing even in the dim light. I held his hands and brushed them gently, while gaping at his features in the shadows of the light for as long as I wanted. I couldn't take my eyes off him, like a desert wanderer afraid of mirages, I gazed at my oasis, but he was real.

And everytime at all times I made myself very clear that this was not going to last eternally, it would come to an end very soon. I would be leaving this heavenly paradise in a day or two and that he would only continue living as a reminiscence.  That was really giving me a cut to the heart. I began to feel the pain, the empty feeling inside and my chest was heavy with feelings like that of being stabbed with a knife, like the heart was being removed. The saddest part of one's life is when you woke up from a beautiful dream and eventually realized that it will never happen again. I was out of breath as I tried to hold on the tears back into my throat as I would not want to create a scene or made him be aware that something was not right with me, thus messed up the fun of the whole plan. I would just want him to believe that I was enjoying this heavenly clandestine moments with him.

However, I hated and lamented myself for that unexpected embarassing incident. I couldn't understand what was wrong with my body myself.  It had distracted me a lot. Since then my mind was preoccupied and miles away and that I couldn't fulfill and complete myself as I should have. I left the worries deep down into my involuntary mind and I bore all the woes because I wouldn't want this one time rendezvous ended into an entirely failure and dissapointment, at least not for him. I wanted to cuddle him more, to embrace and show how I missed him so dearly but I was hindered by my own inferiority. He was too good for me. Too much perfect and that I valued him. He was indeed my best found, but the hardest to have.

We spent the next three days strolling around Delhi city. He took me to almost all the places of interest and tourists attractions. I was so amazed and impressed by those historical ruins, monuments  and landmarks of the great Mughul Era. I was a bit awkward when he kept busy taking shots of me with the camera. He was like a hired paparazzi and I found it quite humurous as I had never been focused that much in my life as though I was a model or something. All his snaps were photogenic and picturesque. He got the talent of being a pro photograher. No wonder he kept insisting me bringing my Canon along as he claimed that I would be surprise to find the results of his shots.

We toured on the speedy, well-driven autobikes, the most popular means of transport in town, crisscrossing heavy traffic and routes around the streets. The drivers were fast and furious and also well-versed of the routes to our destinations. Sometimes I was somewhat curious of where we were heading to, as we were brought to pass through dark narrow alleys, and daringly went against the traffic flow but just as fast as lightning, it turned into the opposite lane safe and sound.  "He's taking a short-cut", I was made clear. It was pretty scary on my first ride but I could get by with it steadily, and of course I never doubted my partner as I always have the dependence on him. He safe-guarded me with full care.

On the second last day, he took me on a train ride at the Green Park subway terminal - a short ride through a few stations before we boarded off at Kalkaji Mandir station,  then took an auto ride to the Lotus Temple which was situated in a beautiful small well-trimmed garden, planted with fruitful lime tress which were at their peak, bearing bunches of eye-catching orange-color fruits. It was a perfect place to meditate and give oneself a deep thought of our existence and the creation.
Later we dropped by at the Humayun's Tomb at Mathura Road, a magnificent garden tomb, built nine years after Emperor Humayun's death by his senior wife, Bega Begam. It was an enormous airy view. 
The Humayun tomb is located at the centre of a huge garden complex. I loved the cool and fresh environment surrounded by ruins of gigantic stone carved fortress and hush greenery. A perfect place for  picnicking and  relaxing. I was so indulged in the impression that I forgot about the wrap up  I was holding - the three pieces of Indian scarves I bought earlier at a store after a quick window shopping. I was unobserved about the package I was having,  not only afterwards when we were just about to leave that he became aware I was not carrying it. I was so thwarted with myself for being so absent-minded. Fortunately we got it back safely. Thank you both to the kind lady who helped to pick it up and passed it to the security guard on duty, and to my best friend, my tour guide, for putting up with my lack of care. "Things happen," he said forgivingly. He was such a considerate  person and I found him even more irresistible.

We jumped into another auto ride where I was taken to the Lajpat Nager market square at Central Road. It was a busy shopping spree. I had two pieces of knitted sweaters and went hunting for my most wished sovenirs to take home- the Indian colorful bangles! I craved to have everything on display - and I regretted that I ignored the blues ones. I wore them almost everyday and I am proud of these over-romantic accessories. They were tokens and momento of my days in this land. I just couldn't afford to let them go even if my friends pleaded and asked to have a few pieces for themselves. "He bought them all for me," I gave them an apology.

It was on our last day together when he took me to sight the world's largest rubble masonry minaret, The Qutb Minar at Mehrauli. Qutb Minar is a soaring 73 meter tall, a tower of victory, built by the first Muslim ruler of Delhi in 1193. Everything felt like I was counting down to those last few moments before everything about what made this trip wonderful- ends. Everything becomes the last time. But as they say, good things must come to an end. Yet you get a strange feeling when you're about to leave a place, like you'll not only miss the people you love but you'll miss the person you are now at this time and this place because you'll never be this way again.

We went back to Greenpark to pick up the luggage at the hotel and hired a taxi to get to the airport. My departure was not until 11.00 pm, but he had some tasks to attend to, so he had to send me off early. The night before, while we went sight seeing at the India Fort, he was so overwhelmed over the most anticipated note he received;  the news he had been waiting for the last two years-  a place for his doctorate.  There, on his screen, I read and shared his joy - he had finally got an admission at a University, 300 km to the south-east of Delhi. I saw how thrilled he was and that he made a call back home instantly to break the fine news to his old man and family.

I was sensitive that he missed chipping in this good news and celebrations with his friends and colleagues, so I recommended voluntarily to be sent off to the airport a few hours earlier to give way for him to rejoice his accomplishment and that I guarenteed him that I would be fine on my own at the air terminal.

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